The BIGG Story

BIGGWORLD ( is an autonomous hyper-local Online to Offline ( O2O ) e-marketplace for retailers to build trust and loyalty through our unique review and rewards blockchain systems.Underpinning BIGG CASH are Ethereum smart contracts and protocols that drive O2O B2C transactions, with targeted discounts from merchants and rewards to both merchants and consumers.

The blockchain solves the problem of fake online reviews, fake products and poor services rendered by merchants as all reviews are recorded on the blockchain and immutable.Merchants accept BIGG Coupons and users are rewarded with BIGG CASH after writing a review. BIGG CASH can be used to buy more local BIGG Coupons to spend, creating a power economy of users, merchants and affiliates.

Since inception, we have rewarded more than 1 million BIGG CASH in Singapore and have expanded to Malaysia, Philippines and China.

BIGG CASH ( C urrency for A sia’s S ocial H ealth) is the go-to crypto-utility based currency that drives people together to socialise. Social media is creating social problems today with friends becoming virtual and people getting lonelier as a result. BIGG CASH is used for shopping, entertainment events and charity activities.

Holders of BIGG CASH can use it for daily shopping needs as well as spending it at our bazaars in Singapore such as the HomeTeamNS. BIGG CASH can also be used to buy concert tickets featuring world superstars like Martin Garrix, Michael Learns to Rock, Air Supply and Jay Chou.

BIGG CASH will be used to grow the BIGG community of merchants, users and partners from 10,000 currently to over 20 million in 4 years. With strong corporate governance and long-term value mechanisms, BIGG will be able to attract strong partnerships that return value to BIGG CASH by attracting greater demand from consumers and scaling the eco system.

South East Asia’s e-Commerce market alone is set to hit USD102 billion by 2025. Own BIGG CASH today. Pre IEO sales limited to 75 million tokens only.